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Month: March, 2014

Night of the living….room.

Yesterday was one of those days where you can pick a date to move, but you then realize how long it will take to get the stuff out of your house. Well i recently had a big talk to with family and it was the time for us to move but before that can happen, we decided to have little ol’ me to move into….the living room.  Big brother wanted to have his privacy moment, talking on cell phone, cleaning, modding.  That being said i had no choice to move into the living room (slowly laughing).  But here i am getting ready to move into my own place and i wanted to share some things that i am gonna be in New Jersey, getting more work done!, having fun and busy days where i don’t need to have ice cream keeping me up. And there are times where i am in love with a voice actress and she haves no idea who the hell i am, what i do, what i work for, all she knows is that i do acting.

My Sleeping Schedule, has been going off track these days. Its times like this when i have to do all this cleaning and repairing my computer or trying to save money, that i don’t have anytime to do one of those, i have become a gaming zombie. This reminds me of a good ol’ movie:

Night of the living dead.

Facts: I have written a short blog, i am tired. and im taking my ball and im going home.


Protesters World…

Dear Protesters, My Name is Julio Joshua Luna. First off i wanna say, how i really love you all. i want to say that you are the main fighters, that you believe in yourselves and you believe what is right. i am so happy that when you guys cant take it anymore we do the protesting all the time and we fight with every inch of our lives. Because it’s about what we believe is right, Many people do one thing that is not right and they can get away with it, like corrupt politicians and police brutality these are the things we can not tolerate. how many times are we gonna hear a police officer punch a 14 year old in the face and he got away with it? how many times we hear mayors and governors eat the cake and leave us with scraps?

This is gonna end soon, My friends. I believe we can do much more, Because we are the people. we do what is right and all the problems around the world don’t have firepower but we can take it to the streets. We have the Soul, a heart of a champion and a heart of a fighter. You are a fighter no matter who you are, take these words in heart because only God can watch over you. Let us continue to do what is right. May the Lord Jesus Christ Watch over you.

Julio Joshua Luna.

Math is music

We all love learning, But music people loves music. However, what happens when education meets music? Well, you get Math. Because math is music.


Sadden In Harlem.

Recently, when i found out about what and who was in the explosion here in New York City i was very sadden by the lost. there was a usher in the church of Bethel Gospel Assembly, who recently passed away on friday was of the people i briefly met. she was a lovely person from what i was told, however when i was about to drink water in the sanctuary she almost snatch the cup right out of my hands. but to be honest i never knew her personally by name or whatever, she was just like little mean to me. But i guess people have different views of a person they don’t like or like. she was grey to me because i never held a conversation with her at all.

Carmen Tanco was her name, although the only thing i remember is she did sat in the balcony of the church where her job is escorting people to their sits in the balcony. she was also kind to others the thing i can remember is that she sat in a little corner all the time waiting for those who arrive at the west wing. It is heartbroken that we lost eight people in the blast, the only thing i have in mind is that is there gonna be any investigation? is the city gonna crack down on the gas pipes under the streets? cities like these are always targeted, being renewed, and laws are always changing, It’s the only city that I’ve always wanted to live in now i have to rethink what is gonna happen when i move.



Carmen Tanco.

Christian Women is flawed.

This is gonna be a short Blog. this is why i don’t date Christian Women. –> Click Me.

Man tweets with rifle, police made arrest, Mission Completed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i wanna say that there is one thing you can possibly can have and that is: Retweet. Dakkari Dijon McAnuff, was arrested for posting a picture (who is a maniac) holding a rifle which he was atop of a building ledge aiming at people, who then types in the picture “100 RT’s and i shoot someone.” We live in a world where someone (or somebody who thinks they can do what they want) does the most stupidity thing that is ever face mankind. He is 20 years old, and young, who does not have a brain or have a soul.

Fans on twitter saw the picture and reported it to the LAPD, which then traced back to his address so then they can make arrest. McAnuff just then posted another stupid picture saying he did shot someone (or so he pretends he did) who then says “Man down, Mission Completed.” Well Mr McAnuff here is my caption: Stupid Kid with gun, Police arrested you, Mission Completed.

Now that we learned a good lesson on how what happens when stupid things we do, can lead us into prison. well i hope he learn that but you gotta to look on the bright side people at lease he is on bail and in jail but who is gonna pay $50,000. i guess his mommy won’t get to him.

Photography time.

For this year i am so excited to be able to catch up on studying, writing, and having sexy time with math. but all in all, i just can’t think of a better way to have fun. so this year i am going to get into a Photography studio having a good time with the best of the best. i mean lets face it, when it comes someone taking pictures and doing a little marketing it can be a very fun time and just be able to smile, smile, smile. but in the mean-time, it’s gonna be study, study, study. Here i will give links to the photographers that was mention to me that it is the best ever here in New York City. 

How NOT to Sweat during a power walk to the Supermarket.

During every events i do, i always travel place to place. weather is downtown, west-side, or out-of-state, i always do the power walk run.

this is gonna be how NOT to sweat during these damn walks:

  • Always walk normal, never fast, God-Forbid if your mother or family member was in the hospital or you just think you left something at home, now will be a good time to act now. 
  • Your energy must always be saved, when there is a time when you realize that you’re on fire or if you saw your car running through a street light and it was not really parked than this will be a good time to Sweat your buns off. 
  • NEVER under any circumstances, wear a freaking heavy jacket while the weather is extremely while going to the grocery store or supermarket.

Now that we got that out of the way, i want to remind people always wear a button up shirt or a thin jacket  when traveling at times like this. i just gotta learn how to wear a button up shirts, and not making myself a jackass while wearing this Godforsaken heavy ass jackets in these kind of weather. 


Fun Fact: We men, do sweat at the gym and yes our buns do sweat.


This is one of the most best TED Talk i ever head in my life. By Amanda FUCKING Palmer.


“Julio!” Said my mother. “Yes?” (I utter), “Bring me more ice please, and make sure the kitchen is clean” said my mother who haves a O.C.D problem.

My mother Just does not want a messy kitchen. When she see’s a messy kitchen, you better get ready to hide because she comes running like nemesis (Resident evil monster). She shouts my name because there is a piece of paper on the floor.

Lesson: don’t leave a paper on the floor.