Cool Hand What?

by juliowritesluna

Hello! My Name is Julio Luna, I am a actor who does off off board-way shows. the last show i did was back in 2010 in a large church with over 100+ people. the play was called “Seek ye first” and it was about a girl who was pregnant and she haves a boyfriend who is cheating on her, so she decided to look for advise to the wrong people. i been acting for 5 years, i’ve had a little brief of training during high school. 

This is gonna be my first Blog ever, and its a real honored i have a friend, who haves a friend, who works with WordPress she recommended me to come here. so as i go through the months with WordPress i’ll be posting fun activities, what i love to do, what music i love, and how did acting became part of me. I am extremely friendly, and i love to discover new things with people.  and as of new Writing is gonna be my new best friend. 


Julio Joshua Luna.