Stop Pleasing.

by juliowritesluna

There is a time when, you like a person very much, but  you just slip and do something a little wrong. when you do this, you start to become sad, depress, very upset at yourself because you scared the person away. people can be very, very, highly sensitive or highly self-absorb. In these cases, if the person can forgive you for that little incident then its best to say to yourself (ok i guess that’s that). 

You can not please people, you just cant. people can be jerks or it can be rude ladies or guys, but the problem is they are not ready to grow up yet. the only thing you can do is watch the way they do it (act like children) and then later on when you meet someone good or important or famous, the person will ask you: “How is (He/She)?” then you say “Well (she/he) was very rude in person and i don’t really like what (he/she) did”. 

(he/she) will think one of the following:

  • He/she will realize and think to themselves “What have i done?” 
  • He/she starts to feel embarrassed and that’s when the His/Her friends will start to think about them with negative thoughts.


Ok now that we learn about that, my final thoughts is this: you can not please people. but the smart thing to do is if that person wants to do things mean to you and make it personal you bring that back into the works. what will happen is that person reputation will start to crumble like a coffee cake. and it will be very dramatic. what i do is, i always become very extremely funny to people. there are many assholes out there in the city, and that is life. and the best thing to do is be yourself. 



Note: I did some changes