How NOT to Sweat during a power walk to the Supermarket.

by juliowritesluna

During every events i do, i always travel place to place. weather is downtown, west-side, or out-of-state, i always do the power walk run.

this is gonna be how NOT to sweat during these damn walks:

  • Always walk normal, never fast, God-Forbid if your mother or family member was in the hospital or you just think you left something at home, now will be a good time to act now. 
  • Your energy must always be saved, when there is a time when you realize that you’re on fire or if you saw your car running through a street light and it was not really parked than this will be a good time to Sweat your buns off. 
  • NEVER under any circumstances, wear a freaking heavy jacket while the weather is extremely while going to the grocery store or supermarket.

Now that we got that out of the way, i want to remind people always wear a button up shirt or a thin jacket  when traveling at times like this. i just gotta learn how to wear a button up shirts, and not making myself a jackass while wearing this Godforsaken heavy ass jackets in these kind of weather. 


Fun Fact: We men, do sweat at the gym and yes our buns do sweat.