Man tweets with rifle, police made arrest, Mission Completed.

by juliowritesluna

Ladies and Gentlemen, i wanna say that there is one thing you can possibly can have and that is: Retweet. Dakkari Dijon McAnuff, was arrested for posting a picture (who is a maniac) holding a rifle which he was atop of a building ledge aiming at people, who then types in the picture “100 RT’s and i shoot someone.” We live in a world where someone (or somebody who thinks they can do what they want) does the most stupidity thing that is ever face mankind. He is 20 years old, and young, who does not have a brain or have a soul.

Fans on twitter saw the picture and reported it to the LAPD, which then traced back to his address so then they can make arrest. McAnuff just then posted another stupid picture saying he did shot someone (or so he pretends he did) who then says “Man down, Mission Completed.” Well Mr McAnuff here is my caption: Stupid Kid with gun, Police arrested you, Mission Completed.

Now that we learned a good lesson on how what happens when stupid things we do, can lead us into prison. well i hope he learn that but you gotta to look on the bright side people at lease he is on bail and in jail but who is gonna pay $50,000. i guess his mommy won’t get to him.