Protesters World…

by juliowritesluna

Dear Protesters, My Name is Julio Joshua Luna. First off i wanna say, how i really love you all. i want to say that you are the main fighters, that you believe in yourselves and you believe what is right. i am so happy that when you guys cant take it anymore we do the protesting all the time and we fight with every inch of our lives. Because it’s about what we believe is right, Many people do one thing that is not right and they can get away with it, like corrupt politicians and police brutality these are the things we can not tolerate. how many times are we gonna hear a police officer punch a 14 year old in the face and he got away with it? how many times we hear mayors and governors eat the cake and leave us with scraps?

This is gonna end soon, My friends. I believe we can do much more, Because we are the people. we do what is right and all the problems around the world don’t have firepower but we can take it to the streets. We have the Soul, a heart of a champion and a heart of a fighter. You are a fighter no matter who you are, take these words in heart because only God can watch over you. Let us continue to do what is right. May the Lord Jesus Christ Watch over you.

Julio Joshua Luna.