Night of the living….room.

by juliowritesluna

Yesterday was one of those days where you can pick a date to move, but you then realize how long it will take to get the stuff out of your house. Well i recently had a big talk to with family and it was the time for us to move but before that can happen, we decided to have little ol’ me to move into….the living room.  Big brother wanted to have his privacy moment, talking on cell phone, cleaning, modding.  That being said i had no choice to move into the living room (slowly laughing).  But here i am getting ready to move into my own place and i wanted to share some things that i am gonna be in New Jersey, getting more work done!, having fun and busy days where i don’t need to have ice cream keeping me up. And there are times where i am in love with a voice actress and she haves no idea who the hell i am, what i do, what i work for, all she knows is that i do acting.

My Sleeping Schedule, has been going off track these days. Its times like this when i have to do all this cleaning and repairing my computer or trying to save money, that i don’t have anytime to do one of those, i have become a gaming zombie. This reminds me of a good ol’ movie:

Night of the living dead.

Facts: I have written a short blog, i am tired. and im taking my ball and im going home.