by juliowritesluna

Listen to Nate King While i type this blog.

Welcome to 2015, its such a good time to start everything new. However, don’t you feel its time for a change? like losing weight? getting married? start a family? or put something in your life that is so unforgettable? It’s times like this we have to learn from the wise and not make terrible choices. First things first: Relationships. Why did your relationship failed or marriage? Way i see it, the wife or husband was not really ready or perhaps he/she did not choose carefully. Sometimes when we get into a relationship things start to feel different or perhaps you get the feeling something is not right. did you really loved him/her?. Well we all have to start changing, let’s start changing our old clothes and give it to God, at lease you get new ones right? or maybe that high heels you always wanted for Christmas (haha).

Well this year, its gonna be probably a slow one. i have to take classes for school, start my project again and learn how can i shift this one out to off broadway. getting my condo (hopefully during the middle of the damn year). and start performing in films.

One more thing: I am in love. ( I know what you’re thinking). But its this one woman from Nashville who is a big singer in my heart. Femke. lucky she does not see this. (lol) well if she does….. Femke You learn my secret. xD


Happy New Year once again,

<Julio Luna>

Julio Luna