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Sadden In Harlem.

Recently, when i found out about what and who was in the explosion here in New York City i was very sadden by the lost. there was a usher in the church of Bethel Gospel Assembly, who recently passed away on friday was of the people i briefly met. she was a lovely person from what i was told, however when i was about to drink water in the sanctuary she almost snatch the cup right out of my hands. but to be honest i never knew her personally by name or whatever, she was just like little mean to me. But i guess people have different views of a person they don’t like or like. she was grey to me because i never held a conversation with her at all.

Carmen Tanco was her name, although the only thing i remember is she did sat in the balcony of the church where her job is escorting people to their sits in the balcony. she was also kind to others the thing i can remember is that she sat in a little corner all the time waiting for those who arrive at the west wing. It is heartbroken that we lost eight people in the blast, the only thing i have in mind is that is there gonna be any investigation? is the city gonna crack down on the gas pipes under the streets? cities like these are always targeted, being renewed, and laws are always changing, It’s the only city that I’ve always wanted to live in now i have to rethink what is gonna happen when i move.



Carmen Tanco.



This is one of the most best TED Talk i ever head in my life. By Amanda FUCKING Palmer.

Women happen to be people.

“I think a lot about what makes a strong female character. You know, movies and TV shows, these things have influence, my own website. So I think the question of “What makes a strong female character?”, often goes misinterpreted. And instead we get these two-dimensional superwomen, who maybe have one quality that’s played up a lot. Like, you know, a Catwoman type, or she plays her sexuality up a lot and it’s seen as power. But they’re not strong characters who happen to be female, they’re completely flat and they’re basically cardboard characters.
The problem with this is that then people expect women to be that easy to understand, and women are mad at themselves for not being that simple. When in actuality, women are complicated. Women are multifaceted. Not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy. And women happen to be people!”

-Tavi Gevinson for TEDTalks